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Success stories

Since 2004, ViVa Innovation and its flagship solution has been assisting all types of organisations in managing the training of their employees. Here is some of the success stories that helped us make our mark as the leader in web-based training management.
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Flexible and affordable solutions

Still unsure what is all about? Not convinced it will revolutionise the way you work? Is the management of your staff training occupying most of your time?

Well wonder no more, click here and find out all about!
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A world-class cloud-based service

See how ViVa Innovation clients are the best supported in the business and how our fully hosted, turn key solution is the most reliable there is.’s fully hosted solutions allow you to…
Obtain your custom web-based training management solution
Automate and accelerate your registration process for both on and offline classes and lectures
Visualise the training progress of your clients / students
Manage in real time your operations from anywhere thanks to the web
Reduce work related to data entry, confirmation and billing
Add an online web store to your website
Catalog / registration / credit card payment / confirmation
Give your customers access to their personal profile, complete with exam results, diplomas and accreditations as well as all purchase receipts and history
Distribute your course content online on the integrated LMS platform
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Established in 2004 in Montreal, ViVa Innovation is at the forefront of web-based registration services as well as learning and training management solutions. ViVa Innovation strives to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and to be a leading player in the field of online training.
ViVa Innovation specialises in the management of online learning and in class training. It’s flagship solution comprises an advanced registration system, a world-class LMS platform as well as a full-fledged online store. allows SMEs in all fields to automate and simplify greatly the management of the training of their staff. ViVa Innovation also caters to training centres, to online course material developers and to individual trainers looking for an all-in-one, easy to use and turn key solution for the registration of their students.